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eBooks are adaptable, portable and convenient.

eBooks offer special features such as bookmarks and note-taking, making them very similar to conventional paper books in look, feel and function. With our hands on experience we can offer affordable eBook conversion service compatible with all major eBook retailers includes Amazon, Apple, Google, Gardners, Barnes & Kobo and many more

Our professionals are experienced in converting from authors disk or from existing platform to the below eBook formats

  • ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-layout ePub formats
  • Mobi Pocket/PRC
  • Kindle… and more…
  • Open eBook
  • Palm Reader
  • Gem Star
  • MS Reader
  • SONY e-Reader

ePub2 … ePub3 … Interactive ePub5 … Fixed layout ePubs

We focus on creating ePub/Prc files customized to your need, which can be supported and navigated in all the available handheld devices. The ePub files include:

  • Multimedia: Integration of audio and video; animations; slide shows
  • Complex and fixed layouts: Print-replica layouts, structured and hyperlinked indexes, embedded fonts, support for high-design content like Medical books
  • Non-Roman scripts: Font support, vertical layouts, right-to-left text and page progression
  • Accessibility and early learning: Support for accessibility standards, read aloud for children
  • Interactive ePubs: Voice over, MCQs, touch sensing

At ePublishlive we like to work closely with the author or publisher to produce the best possible results. If you have concerns about complex layouts or how your eBook will appear, Please call us for a sample

All our eBooks are 100% error free. If you ever find we would be glad to fix it quickly at no extra cost.