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Proof Reading

Proofreading service is involved at the final stage of publication. It is projected for use by researchers who are native English speakers.

Submit your final draft and ePublishlive proofreaders will thoroughly check it for minor errors, inconsistence and for typo layout related to grammar and punctuation. If any errors are discovered, they are flagged and corrected. Since this service looks at only minor issues in a document, the original document should ideally be void of any major English errors. Later your document goes through our proofreading process; it is ready for printing or typesetting.

We proofread: Biographies, fiction; poetry; screenplays, memoirs, other narrative non-fiction and also articles, manuals, reports and proposals.

Significant Advantages

By using our editorial service you can make considerable savings on the overall cost. Our services are widely used by many of the largest scientific and Academic publishers. The quality of our Services is very highly regarded. Because of lower overheads we provide best services at a competitive price than many of the large publishers.

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