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Project Management

Project Management is the process of originating, developing, implementing, controlling, and closing the process as a team to achieve specific goals and meet the success.

ePublishlive is an expert project management partner involved in consultation where we possess great technical experts with industry standards. We are always there to assist your needs and problems by facilitating you in terms of technology and solution. No matter what kind of language or publishing project you bring us, we can manage with our state of the art hi-Tech facilities and experts to stream up their way to provide end-to-end project management for all kinds of journals, books, thesis, and any reference materials you bring in.

A dedicated team is assigned to handle your project, to get any job done quickly where our expertise teams are entirely responsible for the right planning and the accurate execution for your project. Also, a dedicated person is assigned to contact for any further queries or comments. A developed system to gather information about the project, analyze and execute to be more precise for a proper completion.

  • Project Management and Client Co-ordination
  • Client management and communication
  • Scheduling and follow-ups to meet deadlines
  • Coordinating page corrections
  • Tracking manuscripts and page proofs
  • Monitoring publishing cost impacts
  • Status reporting

Our multi lingual experts and composite knowledge expertise has been swift to replicate what precise your needs are.

At ePublishlive we are always ready to address any of the queries or concerns you might have – Call us to find how