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Typesetting Services

We work with Publishers increasing their productivity by keeping their costs low while accelerating the production processes with our state-of-the-art solutions. ePublishlive provides cost effective and rigorous Typesetting services for both print and electronic media to leading publishers and organizations across the globe. Our customized service enables clients to reduce risks and cut down production costs up to 40% and also offer management of assets and content.

As we possess advanced technology, we can provide high-quality (DTP) desktop publishing and typesetting services across any distance by secured ftp, e-mail or CD. With our mixture of expert graphic designers and desktop publishers at your services, you get the job done right on any DTP typesetting project.

We have experienced typesetters capable of delivering services, using different typesetting software such as InDesign, Advent 3B2, Quark, Tex / LaTeX, FrameMaker and Word.

Some of our offerings include:

Science Technology Medicine books, journals, cook books, Magazines, Law books, School books, Encyclopedias, Catalogues, Directories, Dictionaries, Comic books and much more…